We at CAP are dedicated to student success.

Informed and involved parents, guardians, and family members are the key ingredient to student success.

Our Family Engagement Program equips families with first-hand tools and knowledge to help students plan for their futures. For some, the college preparation and application process is a complete mystery, and for others, it may have a been a long time since confronting the key steps. We understand, and we want to ensure that all students and families receive the reliable information and support that they deserve.

"My mom always tells me how my parents knew that they wanted me to go to college but not how I'd get there. She says that CAP helped them understand that it was possible -- for me to go to college and to receive financial aid."
-Lizeth Vizcaya, John Muir High School 2012, University of California at Santa Cruz 2016


  • Parent/Family activities to improve access to services
  • Targeted workshops and presentations that provide the latest accurate information about academics, financial aid, career exploration, and more
  • One-on-one and group conferences that inform, support, and aide in the postsecondary planning process
  • Assistance with college and career related questions

Families, we want to partner with you! Together, we can better support your PUSD students and help them achieve their college and career goals.

Want to get involved?

Contact Natasha Mahone, PUSD parent and CAP Family Engagement Program Manager