Summer Intern Series: Getting Ready for College Part 6

In the last installment of CAP’s Summer Intern Blog Series, Mariah identifies ways to successfully survive your classes and interactions with professors. Getting Ready for College Part 6: Classroom Expectations In order to have a successful academic college experience it is important that you truly invest your time and energy in studying, asking questions, participating, […]

Alumni Spotlight: Luis Bobadilla

For this edition of Alumni Spotlight we turn our attention to Luis Bobadilla, a 2013 graduate of John Muir High School. In addition to being a whip-smart young man, Luis illustrates how CAP’s programs thrive on strong word-of-mouth and coordinator-student relationships. CAP goes where the students are: school campuses. We know how difficult it can […]

Student Videos: Courtney

Meet the amazing Courtney! Courtney is a fiercely determined individual–she made college a priority, and once she set her mind to it there was no stopping her. As a student at PHS, Courtney made the most of the resources available to her by consistently coming to CAP with her questions, concerns and goals. The staff […]

Alumni Spotlight: Rogelio Flores

Our next Alumni Spotlight profile belongs to Rogelio Flores.  Rogelio was a consistent CAP attendee, making the most out of the after school drop-in program at John Muir High School. Focusing his keen intellect and observational skills on the application process, Rogelio mastered the forms, essays, and expectations of applying. All of his hard work […]

Dorm Décor on the Cheap

Decorating a dorm or apartment is an integral part of the college prep ritual and a great way to become inspired for the upcoming academic year. Decorating may seem like a pricey task at first, but a little work and creativity can go a long way in personalizing a living space. Below are some budget-friendly tips […]