Sorting Hat: The CSU System

Sorting Hat Part 4: The California State University System CSU’s are a great option because of their overall lower cost than UC’s and private college options, their higher applicant acceptance rate, and the sheer amount of campuses located all over California (23 total). That being said, some CSU campuses are SO popular that certain majors […]

Sorting Hat: the UC System

Sorting Hat Part 3: The University of California System As part of our “Sorting Hat” summer series, we wanted to highlight the University of California system. UC’s are public research universities. As land-grant institutions, they uphold the belief that the purpose of a university is service to people and society. Academic programs focus on student […]

Summer Intern Series: Getting Ready for College Part 6

In the last installment of CAP’s Summer Intern Blog Series, Mariah identifies ways to successfully survive your classes and interactions with professors. Getting Ready for College Part 6: Classroom Expectations In order to have a successful academic college experience it is important that you truly invest your time and energy in studying, asking questions, participating, […]