Alumni Spotlight: Luis Bobadilla

For this edition of Alumni Spotlight we turn our attention to Luis Bobadilla, a 2013 graduate of John Muir High School. In addition to being a whip-smart young man, Luis illustrates how CAP’s programs thrive on strong word-of-mouth and coordinator-student relationships. CAP goes where the students are: school campuses. We know how difficult it can […]

Alumni Spotlight: Rogelio Flores

Our next Alumni Spotlight profile belongs to Rogelio Flores.  Rogelio was a consistent CAP attendee, making the most out of the after school drop-in program at John Muir High School. Focusing his keen intellect and observational skills on the application process, Rogelio mastered the forms, essays, and expectations of applying. All of his hard work […]

Alumni Spotlight: Pablo Cazares

Time for another amazing Alumni Spotlight! This edition of Alumni Spotlight focuses on the talented Pablo Cazares. Pablo is a recent graduate of PHS, where he earned stellar grades (4.0 GPA!) and excelled in mathematics. Initially, Pablo was on the fence about attending college—but luckily his good friend Mary wasn’t about to let this academic […]