Summer Intern Series: Getting Ready for College Part 6

In the last installment of CAP’s Summer Intern Blog Series, Mariah identifies ways to successfully survive your classes and interactions with professors. Getting Ready for College Part 6: Classroom Expectations In order to have a successful academic college experience it is important that you truly invest your time and energy in studying, asking questions, participating, […]

CSU Early Start Program

Heading to a CSU campus for college this fall? Then be sure to check you college portal to determine if the Early Start Program is a mandatory requirement for your continued admission. The Early Start program requires incoming freshman to begin remediation courses in English and Math over the summer, freeing up more time to […]

This College Life: Mariah

December is still a busy time for college applications at CAP. Private school application deadlines are rapidly approaching and can be particularly daunting, with many schools requiring separate supplemental application materials, several essays, and detailed portfolios. Private application deadlines also coincide with high school finals and the hustle and bustle of winter holidays, not to […]

Student Videos: Miriam

Our newest video spotlights the incredible Miriam Gonzalez.  Miriam is a family forerunner, the first in her family to tackle the uncharted waters of college admissions. Being the first in the family to attend college takes a special kind of strength and bravery, the kind that Miriam possesses in abundance. It also takes a great […]

Student Videos: Courtney

Meet the amazing Courtney! Courtney is a fiercely determined individual–she made college a priority, and once she set her mind to it there was no stopping her. As a student at PHS, Courtney made the most of the resources available to her by consistently coming to CAP with her questions, concerns and goals. The staff […]