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CAP’s programs serve over 1,400 students annually on school campuses and through program partnerships. This would be impossible without collaborating with organizations like the Pasadena Unified School District, PasadenaLEARNs, SoCal CAN, and the Lake Avenue Community Foundation.

To learn more about these programs and what they offer visit college access and college success.


SKILLZ Summer School is a free summer learning experience for teens most at risk of dropping out of school or failing to graduate. SKILLZ focuses on students entering 9th and 10th grades who have multiple F grades and provides them with a supportive environment, high expectations and the opportunity to earn elective credits. In addition to improving school success, SKILLZ helps increase the students’ confidence, motivation and social skills.

In this unique partnership, CAP provides one-to-one long-range post-secondary counseling to all students.

SKILLZ Partners

Test Prep with the Pasadena Educational Foundation

CAP partners with the Pasadena Educational Foundation to provide an SAT/ACT and college readiness intensive course. The class meets three hours per day, four days per week, and covers material included on both college entrance exams. Students also explore colleges, make a preliminary college list, draft personal statements, and more.

Learn more about our SAT/ACT prep program here. 

Our Scholarship Collaborators

The All Ways Up Foundation and The California Masonic Foundation select scholarship winners from a crop of twelfth grade applicants who qualify for CAP’s I Heart College Program and meet the scholarships’ requirements. These renewable scholarships help to cover students’ financial needs while CAP provides many of the other relationship- and content-based essentials to support our students through college graduation.

These are just a few of our many meaningful collaborations. Meet more of our partners here.



CAP works with local organizations to ensure that all students have the fundamental information and support they need to get to and through college. We provide:

  • One-time content-specific workshops
  • SAT/ACT preparatory courses
  • Speakers
  • Consultants for staff or teacher trainings

These fee-for-service partnerships are provided on a sliding scale and are dependent upon your organization’s mission and geographic location. Please contact us for more information!