"Thank you so much for always being there to help students out! It was comforting to know that there's someone out there who believes in us :)."

-Mariah Dimalaluan, Blair High School 2016, Harvard University


...Attend or have graduated from public schools in Pasadena, California, and surrounding communities

...Are often the first in their family to attend college

...Are not homogenous -- they come to CAP with no specific grade point average or requirements, only the desire and drive to achieve their dreams

...Are self-accountable and self-motivated

...Create peer communities and inspire each other to succeed

CAP supports all students by emboldening them to opt-in to our programs and develop their own relationships with CAP’s staff, volunteers, and other students and by fostering pivotal moments -- organic opportunities to connect students to both the fundamentals of college access and success as well as the complexities of making life’s big decisions like which college to attend.


-Seven Gates Millennium Scholarship finalists and two winners

-Three Posse Scholars and one Questbridge Scholar

- 92% are the first in their family to attend college and/or come from low-income households

-Alumni have gone on to graduate school in education, social work, acting, sociology, and more

- CAP graduates attend all 9 of the UC campuses, 21 of 23 CSU campuses, and numerous other public and private institutions


“Senior year like many other years has given me the information I need to be successful. If I had never joined CAP my freshman year, I honestly do not know where I would be..” Delacey Rodriguez, Muir HS Class of 2015, UCLA


“I can honestly say without CAP I would not be attending a four year university. I owe you guys so much and it's such an amazing program.” -Josh Hing, Blair HS Class of 2015, Sacramento State University

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“A lot of programs will help you, but with CAP, you get to form a one-on-one relationship with the people that help you.” Miriam Gonzalez, Blair HS Class of 2013, UCLA


“I love how personal CAP is with each student. Students are comfortable asking questions they may not know about college because realistically they’ve never really gave it much thought.” Shaun Heard, Muir HS Class of 2009, CSU San Marcos Class of 2013, USC Graduate Student in Acting


“CAP is sort of like your big sister who has already applied and gone to college and is now back home, giving you the tools and advice you need to apply” Courtney Logie, PHS Class of 2013, UC Riverside