Alumni Spotlight: Pablo Cazares

Time for another amazing Alumni Spotlight! This edition of Alumni Spotlight focuses on the talented Pablo Cazares. Pablo is a recent graduate of PHS, where he earned stellar grades (4.0 GPA!) and excelled in mathematics. Initially, Pablo was on the fence about attending college—but luckily his good friend Mary wasn’t about to let this academic […]

New Hires!

CAP is incredibly excited to introduce our latest hires: Erin Hickey, Joyce Hsiao, and Jeanny Fuentes!  These talented individuals bring a range of experience and expertise to CAP, so read on to find a little bit more about our newly expanded team! Erin Hickey Erin is back! Erin’s first interned with CAP in 2009, and […]

Dorm Décor on the Cheap

Decorating a dorm or apartment is an integral part of the college prep ritual and a great way to become inspired for the upcoming academic year. Decorating may seem like a pricey task at first, but a little work and creativity can go a long way in personalizing a living space. Below are some budget-friendly tips […]