The Long Goodbye

Saturday, CAP and our students began the weeks-long trek to the end of the school year. Our journey together will include a school awards ceremony, graduation (!), one last mentoring celebration with our community partners, and so many other small gatherings that we can’t begin to count. But this one celebration was special to the […]

Top 40 Senior Interview: Roberto

Name Roberto Anguiano Where are you going to College? Humboldt State What do you plan on studying? Environmental Science and Criminal Justice What are you looking forward to the most? Living on campus and meeting new people, a new beginning for my life. Do you have any summer plans? Visiting the Humboldt campus and enjoying […]

Top 40 Senior Interview: Emmanuel

Where are you going to college? UC Santa Cruz. The determining factor was financial aid but also the prestige of the programs. What are you looking forward to the most? In Santa Cruz I look forward to being independent, living by the beach, the scenery the trees, and the change in location. What do you […]